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The WVU CED Feeding & Swallowing Clinic offers multi-disciplinary feeding assessments for children aged birth to 18 years. Our clinic brings together professionals from across the campus of West Virginia University. Based specifically on their unique feeding challenges and needs, your child will be seen by multiple pediatric feeding practitioners during their initial evaluation. Our team consists of speech language pathology, occupational therapy, nutrition, developmental psychology, and social work. In addition, we work closely with other programs and medical professionals within the WVU network.

"I want to say how much I like working with the WVU students through the feeding clinic. It is wonderful to have a young excited student, who is anxious to practice what they have learned on a real child. Their enthusiasm and attention to detail is a real asset to the program. My child is more relaxed working with a young adult, someone they see more as a friend and less like a parent."

We encourage you to include members of your child’s current therapy and medical teams as well as other important caregivers in your clinic experience with us. Our families often bring multiple family members, in-home nurses, or therapists along with them for their evaluation. We also offer telehealth so individuals can participate in clinic activities remotely.

We provide:

  • Multidisciplinary feeding evaluations
  • Follow-up treatment sessions
  • Collaboration with your child's current therapy and/or medical team
  • Telehealth service delivery options for WV residents
  • Written feeding evaluations and treatment plans
  • Recommendations for outside referrals to support feeding skills
  • Digital recording of your evaluation and treatment sessions upon request