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Modified Barium Swallow Study Information

A modified barium swallow study, or MBS, is a video x-ray of swallowing. Often completed by a speech language pathologist, white barium powder or liquid is added to foods or drinks and then is ingested by the patient. The barium can be seen on the x-ray and the safety of the swallow can be assessed. The MBS process is quick and non-invasive. The final x-ray video is read by a radiologist.

Our clinic does not complete MBS assessments. We use MBS reports to support our evaluation process and to guide treatment recommendations, but MBS studies are completed in a hospital setting. We may recommend your child have an MBS study as part of our evaluation process. West Virginia University Medicine Children’s Hospital does offer modified barium swallow studies at Ruby Memorial in Morgantown, WV. A referral from your child’s physician will be required.

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